VIBE Project

Project title: 

Virtual Biomedical and STEM/STEAM Education

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Duration of the project: 

01/11/2021 – 01/11/2024

About Project


In the XXI. century, information technology, and more recently, the Covid-19 crisis have reshaped our education system. Distance education learning has proved to be an effective, reliable, easily standardized, and, in general, cost-effective way of learning.

Internationally recognized e-learning platforms have been widely used in education, however, the use of digital and VR based platforms is not yet generally accepted, despite having certain advantages. The current challenge is not to invent new technologies but to ensure that educators can develop effective ways to deliver curricula in high-quality VR environments.

This immersive and innovative means of visualization, the interaction and flexibility mean virtual reality systems are unmatched in terms of engagement and motivation with education, and also provide a scalable platform and a relatively easy-to-share solution for massive online learning. 

The main objective of the V.I.B.E project is to revolutionize and reshape medical and STEM education and develop the digital competences of participants and other stakeholders, using available innovative VR based IT methods and solutions, aiming to establish a connection between medical and STEM skills.