VIBE organized open day at the MediSkills Lab at the University of Pécs Medical School. After a short introduction about the VIBE project participants had a chance to try the following VR exercises in 20 minutes long sessions. We have managed to get 6 pieces of Quest2 VR HMDs and we have installed all apps to be presented on all devices, so we can dynamically adjust the experience to the interest of the participants. This was need, because some of the were mainly healthcare oriented, so they were more interested in the Laparoscopy VR trainer and the SimX virtual patient care simulation, while Microbiologists were more into trying the VR cell presentations. Teachers and educators had a positive feedback on the possible implementations of VR in their curriculum, and found that it is useful to use VR in the K12 age group, since that is the base of their future students, explicitly stating that these type of presentations could greatly increase the quality of the base knowledge of the next generation of medical students.