Students of the age of 6 and up were introduced to an anatomically correct brain in VR. The brain could be taken to pieces and when drawn close to the user a description of the organ part was shown in a textual format. After that a cell was shown with organelles, where students were able to name the organelles in a gamified fashion. Available time was short, so we have prepared the VR experience to be as straight forward as possible and described usage to the students one on one, and personally checked if the headsets are fitted well to their heads, and if they were seeing well or felt any discomfort. Results varied from individual to individual even within the same class: only one kid have actually read the decription, two classes were too young to take apart the organs, all of them just walked/teleported around them (utterly amazed, though), and one kid played with phisically jumping into the teleportation circle he had projected in front of himself (and being happy about always succeeding). No discomfort or motion sickness was reported, and all of the students said they really liked it.
Approximately only 90 seconds were available per participant.